To reclaim your lost pet, please click on your pet above and then verify their information. If this is your pet, please contact us at 719-382-0188 or email us at and provide the microchip number, picture, and/or a detailed description.


Our Address

12599 Jordan Road
Fountain, Colorado 80817


Hours of Operation

7am - 5pm Monday through Friday

7am - Noon Saturday

Closed Sundays and Holidays


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Happy EndingsWhen we rescue animals, they are often in unimaginable shape due to neglect, starvation, injury and illness.  Kittens are often flea infested and have diahrrea and raging upper respiratory infections.  Some are injured and leave us (and the vet) guessing as to what happened to them. Sometimes they just come to us too late to save them.  This makes us all the more grateful for success stories and keeps us going when the next hard luck case comes our way.


Fort Carson Animal Rescue had a very successful first year in 2012.  We received 390 animals from Ft. Carson, 371 of them were returned home or placed for adoption with animals rescue throughout the state of Colorado.


Thank you to all the rescue that have helped us this year: Look What The Cat Brought In, Pals Forever,  Dreampower, Doggie Dog World, San Luis Valley Animal Rescue, Four Paws, and many many more.


Here are updates of some of our adoptees:


Animals are held for 5 days and then offered to the rescues, only the severely injured or seriously ill are put down.



133-12 - this beautiful white husky went to Rocky Mountain Siberian Husky rescue and is now in a loving home with several huskies where he has become a champion sled dog and is also competing in canine weight pulling events..



077-12 and 304-12 - Both were adopted by the same family, and are happy healthy much loved family pets. Rosie came to us with a leg injury that turned out to be a torn ligament. Thanks to Pals Forever, Westside Animal Hospital, St. Paws and many volunteers she received the surgery and re-hab  that was needed to fix her leg.  She is now at home in Parker and doing very well, you would not know that she had a bad leg.



Look What the Cat Brought In - This local adoption agency came in and picked him up. He will be neutered and put up for adoption. Please contact them at if you are interested in adopting him.




Sherbert - Was returned home to its loving family. 



Josie - Was sent to Pals Forever Animal Adoption for adoption.  If you are interested in Josie, please contact Pals Forever Animal Adoption at 719-528-6590.



All the above were sucessfully returned home!!



All the above pets were adopted by new forever homes!!